Tuesday, July 1, 2008


In face reading, our eyes are the most important portions that need to emphasize. One of the requirement was the dark area of the eyeball should be clear cut, which the color was not mixed with the white area; else it represented your are quite confusing for the time being or in a tough decision making situation.

Those having white color area much more than the dark color on their eyeballs, represent they are having unsmooth destiny in their life, especially in their age from 34-39 (Chinese age from 35-40)

If you are having such eye balls, other pay more attention on such period of your age, you also can do more charity stuffs and good things to change your unsmooth luck during such indicated age.

Chinese metaphysics believed as long as you always having a kind and good heart, luck always follow you regardless whether your are having bad face reading, bad palm reading, or whatever fortunetelling you are having currently.

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