Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dark Green Color Appear the Nose of the Children

That was not my first time seeing children having dark green color appeared at the portion of the nose that between their eyes.In Chinese face reading, if such dark green color appeared at this portion, it could be representing that that this child having stomach problem due to eating too many unhealthy tidbits or junk foods; so as parents, you should try your best to avoid any unhealthy food for your child.

If this dark green color shown on a baby’s face, that means the baby’s body is weak and it could be due to having migraine or head often hence the baby will cry in a sudden without any reason; basically the baby do not know how to talk to the parents, so they will express themselves through crying.

Based on some other face reading theory, it could be due to some undesirable energy is disturbing the young baby and scarred the baby hence they will cry at this moment; if I apply some Chinese Feng Shui kind of thinking and convert it in to normal logical speaking: it could be due to the young child’s bed was not putting in a right place e.g. due to too near the window that having too strong wind blowing to them or the children’s bed is right facing the exit of the door etc.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Falin Line

If a person reaching their age at 55 and onwards and do not have falin line or the falin line not grow long enough to reach the mouth level, it represent their luck will be unsmooth especially during their age at 55 and 56.

A lady involved in suit case in her 55 years old.

People who having very deep falin line, they are not suitable to change their job too often, especially if they are having big nose at the same time, their will be more suit to be a professional or specialize in their field; or work in a big company until retire.

The falin line was no like to be turn in to the mouth, it represent high chances the person will having illness that caused unable to eat, if you are having such falin line pattern, you may need to take care your health and maybe need to do some charity.

People who having falin line that turn into their mouth yet it continuing expand out from the mouth to the jaw, it represents he had been doing lots good thing like charity or helping peoples, it also represented someone who are high respected by many peoples. This is a priest’s photo.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


In face reading, our eyes are the most important portions that need to emphasize. One of the requirement was the dark area of the eyeball should be clear cut, which the color was not mixed with the white area; else it represented your are quite confusing for the time being or in a tough decision making situation.

Those having white color area much more than the dark color on their eyeballs, represent they are having unsmooth destiny in their life, especially in their age from 34-39 (Chinese age from 35-40)

If you are having such eye balls, other pay more attention on such period of your age, you also can do more charity stuffs and good things to change your unsmooth luck during such indicated age.

Chinese metaphysics believed as long as you always having a kind and good heart, luck always follow you regardless whether your are having bad face reading, bad palm reading, or whatever fortunetelling you are having currently.

Monday, June 30, 2008

A Reading for Children

When to hawker center bought the ‘wan than’ noodle Sunday morning, the noodle’s stall’s boss, as usually get her about 12 old daughter helping her to send the ordered table to the customer’s tables. While waiting the noodle hawker preparing the noodle for me, there’s a customer come and pay his noodle fees and complaint that the boss’s daughter forget to collect money from him. The noodle boss was slight angry and start to nagging with her daughter, and her daughter start to show unhappy face.

I observes this young child, found few points that shown she was a careless person, from face reading point, because she having a thick and untidy eye browns. People who having thick eye browns, represent they may not good in or did not like doing detail task.

She also having average high nose; a lady who having high nose, represent she was having her own thinking and also having high level of self esteem, hence could lead her to be stubborn.

Her protruded forehead, represented she is a slow mover (people who having a slant toward behind representing fast mover)

Plus her outward ears that represent stubborn as well and also playful characteristic, thought she was no choice that asked by her mother to help at the noodle stalls.

Theoretically, Chinese face reading method believes to read a children’s face destiny and character, should be start by his or her age from 15 (Chinese age 16 years old) because the body and the skeleton structure will be completed build at 15 years old. but technically, a child's rough characteristic still can be seen, just do not condemn he or she sure belonging to certain type of persons.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Xia Ting (bottom division or bottom portion of the face)

The bottom portion of the face represented our destiny from age 50and onwards (Chinese calendar aged 51 and onwards). The reading or this portion will be on the mouth, and the jaw.

People who having nice Xia Ting, their retired are will be very comfortable.
Everyone wish retired as earlier they can.

If you are having a nice and just balancing jaw (need to compared the length with your own face of two other face divisions), which not too short or too long, you will retired earlier and able to enjoy life.

If you have a real long jaw and in a nice condition, you belonging someone who can’t stay still, you will keep working or made yourself busy and would not like to retired forever.

Zhong Ting (middle division or middle portion of the face)

The middle portion of the face represented our destiny from age 30-49 (Chinese calendar aged 31-50). The destiny reading will be emphasized on the eye browns, the eyes, nose, and the chin.

This is the most important part of our age which are the common period that we are trying to start our business, or getting marriage (especially lost people planned to marriage about 35years old or later) or the peak period of our whole life, because this period always the time we are having great experiences like human relationships, working experiences, energies and skills.

This portion having many parts to read: the eye browns, the eyes, the nose, the chins and the nose; it was unexpectedly represented the “golden age” in our whole life.

So having a good built middle part of our face is real important.

The 3 divisions of the face (San Ting)

Other than reading the face thru the face shape, we can divide the face into 3 portions, we call it “shang ting” the top portion, “zhong ting” the middle portion and “xia ting” the lower portion of the face; the total of theses 3 portions, in Chinese face reading called “san ting” (the 3 division of the face).

The demand of each divisions of our face should be in a same length, any portion shorter which compared with other portions, is consider minus mark in the face reading destiny.

Shang Ting (the top division or top portion of our face)
The top portion of the face represented our destiny from age 14-29 (Chinese calendar aged 15-30). This portion should be in nice skin color and texture and should not have any wrinkles before age 30, neither having and moles or scars, else it shows that this person having a non smooth life in their studies and educations, or could be having a non so smooth life in their career and family.

I would say, the reading of the top portion was emphasized on the forehead and the pattern of the starting point of the hair grows.