Monday, June 30, 2008

A Reading for Children

When to hawker center bought the ‘wan than’ noodle Sunday morning, the noodle’s stall’s boss, as usually get her about 12 old daughter helping her to send the ordered table to the customer’s tables. While waiting the noodle hawker preparing the noodle for me, there’s a customer come and pay his noodle fees and complaint that the boss’s daughter forget to collect money from him. The noodle boss was slight angry and start to nagging with her daughter, and her daughter start to show unhappy face.

I observes this young child, found few points that shown she was a careless person, from face reading point, because she having a thick and untidy eye browns. People who having thick eye browns, represent they may not good in or did not like doing detail task.

She also having average high nose; a lady who having high nose, represent she was having her own thinking and also having high level of self esteem, hence could lead her to be stubborn.

Her protruded forehead, represented she is a slow mover (people who having a slant toward behind representing fast mover)

Plus her outward ears that represent stubborn as well and also playful characteristic, thought she was no choice that asked by her mother to help at the noodle stalls.

Theoretically, Chinese face reading method believes to read a children’s face destiny and character, should be start by his or her age from 15 (Chinese age 16 years old) because the body and the skeleton structure will be completed build at 15 years old. but technically, a child's rough characteristic still can be seen, just do not condemn he or she sure belonging to certain type of persons.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Xia Ting (bottom division or bottom portion of the face)

The bottom portion of the face represented our destiny from age 50and onwards (Chinese calendar aged 51 and onwards). The reading or this portion will be on the mouth, and the jaw.

People who having nice Xia Ting, their retired are will be very comfortable.
Everyone wish retired as earlier they can.

If you are having a nice and just balancing jaw (need to compared the length with your own face of two other face divisions), which not too short or too long, you will retired earlier and able to enjoy life.

If you have a real long jaw and in a nice condition, you belonging someone who can’t stay still, you will keep working or made yourself busy and would not like to retired forever.

Zhong Ting (middle division or middle portion of the face)

The middle portion of the face represented our destiny from age 30-49 (Chinese calendar aged 31-50). The destiny reading will be emphasized on the eye browns, the eyes, nose, and the chin.

This is the most important part of our age which are the common period that we are trying to start our business, or getting marriage (especially lost people planned to marriage about 35years old or later) or the peak period of our whole life, because this period always the time we are having great experiences like human relationships, working experiences, energies and skills.

This portion having many parts to read: the eye browns, the eyes, the nose, the chins and the nose; it was unexpectedly represented the “golden age” in our whole life.

So having a good built middle part of our face is real important.

The 3 divisions of the face (San Ting)

Other than reading the face thru the face shape, we can divide the face into 3 portions, we call it “shang ting” the top portion, “zhong ting” the middle portion and “xia ting” the lower portion of the face; the total of theses 3 portions, in Chinese face reading called “san ting” (the 3 division of the face).

The demand of each divisions of our face should be in a same length, any portion shorter which compared with other portions, is consider minus mark in the face reading destiny.

Shang Ting (the top division or top portion of our face)
The top portion of the face represented our destiny from age 14-29 (Chinese calendar aged 15-30). This portion should be in nice skin color and texture and should not have any wrinkles before age 30, neither having and moles or scars, else it shows that this person having a non smooth life in their studies and educations, or could be having a non so smooth life in their career and family.

I would say, the reading of the top portion was emphasized on the forehead and the pattern of the starting point of the hair grows.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Face shape

One fast way to read the character of the person was through observing his or his face shape. There are 4 type of basic face shapes: rounded, squared, triangular and oblong face shape; in Chinese face reading, there could be divided into 5 types of face shape which using the 5 basic elements of i-ching: metal, water, wood, fire and earth; in further face reading, peoples face shape can even divide in to 10 standard face shapes.

In my research, I start to introduce few common face shapes which are easily recognized thru first and fast impressions.

Rounded face shape
Someone are caring, happy, having easy going personalities, friendly, helpful, suitable in-charge careers related to public relationships, teacher, social workers, comedian, and those jobs need to facing many peoples

People whom having rounded faces, usually felted themselves belonging to the publics, hence they could be not really that happy while they was stay at home for too long; since they belonging to the public, they marriage life might not that smooth.

People having rounded face shape, might be easily trusting other people, hence could be easily get hurt, anyway, their opened minded and happy mind character had help them overcome such unhappiness.

Square face shape
Energetic, practical, intelligent, high marks in their I.Q. test, well in mathematics. They always see things in a logical way; hence they could be much straighter forward. Suitable job: engineer, accountant, police, civil servant and etc.

Oblong face shape
Confident, subjective, methodical, liberal, could be a little bit arrogant sometimes; they would not like to chat about any unrelated topic which they do not like, sentimental type.
They are workaholic, always like to make sure they are having enough income to secure their financial status.

Triangular face shape (Inverted triangular)
Good memory, good intelligence, enthusiastic, idealistic, perfectionist. They always having many ideas in their mind but could be lack of energy to achieve it. Suitable jobs: planner, creative person in art and media, artist, writer and etc.

Peoples in triangular face shape, might not having a smooth marriage life due to their great imagination and their perfectionist minded, made them became extremely demanding; the more sharp of their jaw, the more extreme they are.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Face reading in an event

I did a face reading session for a dinner and dance event. Usually people like to ask when they get rich or when can they do their own business, female guests like to ask about their love matters, some even asked when they die. I only tell the good things as an entertainer in the event, and usually give some advice about their weak points within the limited time of reading sessions.

I came across this guy who asked when he will get famous in his business. I looked at his character, it belonging to unsuccessful type forever, because the main big problem was when he is laughing, his whole body will shake accordingly, not because of watching funny movie or saw something very funny; such body language shows that he was looking down of everyone and belonging to arrogant personality.

Those people whose are arrogant, could be due to he or she must had been getting a big success in his business or had been awarded in some kinds of special fields; unfortunately this guy, in his 40 plus, do not having any criteria can made him feel so proud and arrogant; that’s nothing related about high or low morale’s matters.

To get famous, you must be someone able to have outstanding performance in your field based on your knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, he do not have a wide and high forehead, represent not a well educated person, that’s nothing right or wrong, in present world, we can do our further study in any age, just see whether you wanted to do it or not.

He was having a bigger nose than his face, represent someone very subjective and stubborn; plus the very small ears holes, he would not listen or consider anyone’s opinion or comments. So during these reading sessions, I just hint to him about certain points that he might need to take note, but believe he just take it as an entertainment.

Look at point 1 in the ear photo, this portion was grow bigger then a healthy ear, represent his vision was weak, maybe having a blur vision due to spend too much time on the computer or TV screens or having irregular sleep timing.

Point 2, which is the line on the ear lop, it always represent high cholesterol problem; if you realized you having such line on your easy, you must strictly control your food.

Big and small Nose hole

We brief thru our nose other than mouth, in Chinese face reading, the size of the nose holes can tell our luck and the character as well.
The tip of the nose from our nose holes area represent wealth, the nose holes are one of the point to judge the wealth luck. If one side of your nose big and one side small, means you are not suitable to do and speculated job, weak luck on gambling, do not involve in any speculated investment. People who having smaller nose holes, they are more money concerned, means they are more careful on how they spend their money. People who having bigger nose, usually not so concern about how they spent their moneys, hence they are more kind.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Falin line

“Falin” line is the two lines starting from both side of our nose and run down to both side of our mouth. Most young peoples do not have this two line unless the time when they are laughing.

Basically, if a men having Falin line in his age before 30years old, it represent he might be having lots responsible to in-charge taking care of his family or in-charging his family business.

If is a lady, having Falin line before her 30s, represented there’s some sort of unhappiness in her teenage age, and also represent either not close to her father or not much time to see her father.

Those people do not have Falin line even after their 30s, it represent he or she is someone always happy go lucky type.

Falin lines also representing one point of the level of the person’s stubbornness; people do not having Falin line, they are more playful, opened minded; people who have Falin line, the deeper the line the more stubborn they are.

Wealth luck

People always like to ask about their wealth luck during the face reading session. Taking about wealth in face reading, the first thing should be the nose; not the whole nose but the tip of the nose and the nose holds. The tip of the nose represents age 48, for men, left side of the tip of the nose represents age 49, and then right side represented age 50.

Face reading always emphasized on the present and immediate luck; if you found that 1 or more nose hair grow out of your nose, you need to trim it as soon as possible, because it represented you will spend certain amount of money for unexpected expenditure very soon.

If you realized the tip of your nose having pimples, or turned to red color, same thing will be happened as mentioned above.

If you are someone always having pimples or red color on your nose, means your wealth luck was very weak or not smooth for the time being.

Meanwhile, people having good wealth luck, the usually having nice nose tip with noce skin texture.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Color of the ears

Chinese face reading believes the color of the ear was very important.

Lets compare the color of the ears with the color of his or her face, it the ear were whiter the face, means his luck was very good presently.

People who having whiter ears color then his/her face, represent smart, healthy, getting famous easily.

Those who having darker colors ears then his/her face color, represents their luck is unsmooth, also having illness.

Ears were representing our kidney; hence the color on our ears reflects the healthy of our kidney.