Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dark Green Color Appear the Nose of the Children

That was not my first time seeing children having dark green color appeared at the portion of the nose that between their eyes.In Chinese face reading, if such dark green color appeared at this portion, it could be representing that that this child having stomach problem due to eating too many unhealthy tidbits or junk foods; so as parents, you should try your best to avoid any unhealthy food for your child.

If this dark green color shown on a baby’s face, that means the baby’s body is weak and it could be due to having migraine or head often hence the baby will cry in a sudden without any reason; basically the baby do not know how to talk to the parents, so they will express themselves through crying.

Based on some other face reading theory, it could be due to some undesirable energy is disturbing the young baby and scarred the baby hence they will cry at this moment; if I apply some Chinese Feng Shui kind of thinking and convert it in to normal logical speaking: it could be due to the young child’s bed was not putting in a right place e.g. due to too near the window that having too strong wind blowing to them or the children’s bed is right facing the exit of the door etc.