Thursday, June 26, 2008

Zhong Ting (middle division or middle portion of the face)

The middle portion of the face represented our destiny from age 30-49 (Chinese calendar aged 31-50). The destiny reading will be emphasized on the eye browns, the eyes, nose, and the chin.

This is the most important part of our age which are the common period that we are trying to start our business, or getting marriage (especially lost people planned to marriage about 35years old or later) or the peak period of our whole life, because this period always the time we are having great experiences like human relationships, working experiences, energies and skills.

This portion having many parts to read: the eye browns, the eyes, the nose, the chins and the nose; it was unexpectedly represented the “golden age” in our whole life.

So having a good built middle part of our face is real important.

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