Thursday, June 26, 2008

The 3 divisions of the face (San Ting)

Other than reading the face thru the face shape, we can divide the face into 3 portions, we call it “shang ting” the top portion, “zhong ting” the middle portion and “xia ting” the lower portion of the face; the total of theses 3 portions, in Chinese face reading called “san ting” (the 3 division of the face).

The demand of each divisions of our face should be in a same length, any portion shorter which compared with other portions, is consider minus mark in the face reading destiny.

Shang Ting (the top division or top portion of our face)
The top portion of the face represented our destiny from age 14-29 (Chinese calendar aged 15-30). This portion should be in nice skin color and texture and should not have any wrinkles before age 30, neither having and moles or scars, else it shows that this person having a non smooth life in their studies and educations, or could be having a non so smooth life in their career and family.

I would say, the reading of the top portion was emphasized on the forehead and the pattern of the starting point of the hair grows.

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