Monday, June 16, 2008

Face reading in an event

I did a face reading session for a dinner and dance event. Usually people like to ask when they get rich or when can they do their own business, female guests like to ask about their love matters, some even asked when they die. I only tell the good things as an entertainer in the event, and usually give some advice about their weak points within the limited time of reading sessions.

I came across this guy who asked when he will get famous in his business. I looked at his character, it belonging to unsuccessful type forever, because the main big problem was when he is laughing, his whole body will shake accordingly, not because of watching funny movie or saw something very funny; such body language shows that he was looking down of everyone and belonging to arrogant personality.

Those people whose are arrogant, could be due to he or she must had been getting a big success in his business or had been awarded in some kinds of special fields; unfortunately this guy, in his 40 plus, do not having any criteria can made him feel so proud and arrogant; that’s nothing related about high or low morale’s matters.

To get famous, you must be someone able to have outstanding performance in your field based on your knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, he do not have a wide and high forehead, represent not a well educated person, that’s nothing right or wrong, in present world, we can do our further study in any age, just see whether you wanted to do it or not.

He was having a bigger nose than his face, represent someone very subjective and stubborn; plus the very small ears holes, he would not listen or consider anyone’s opinion or comments. So during these reading sessions, I just hint to him about certain points that he might need to take note, but believe he just take it as an entertainment.

Look at point 1 in the ear photo, this portion was grow bigger then a healthy ear, represent his vision was weak, maybe having a blur vision due to spend too much time on the computer or TV screens or having irregular sleep timing.

Point 2, which is the line on the ear lop, it always represent high cholesterol problem; if you realized you having such line on your easy, you must strictly control your food.

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