Thursday, June 12, 2008

Falin line

“Falin” line is the two lines starting from both side of our nose and run down to both side of our mouth. Most young peoples do not have this two line unless the time when they are laughing.

Basically, if a men having Falin line in his age before 30years old, it represent he might be having lots responsible to in-charge taking care of his family or in-charging his family business.

If is a lady, having Falin line before her 30s, represented there’s some sort of unhappiness in her teenage age, and also represent either not close to her father or not much time to see her father.

Those people do not have Falin line even after their 30s, it represent he or she is someone always happy go lucky type.

Falin lines also representing one point of the level of the person’s stubbornness; people do not having Falin line, they are more playful, opened minded; people who have Falin line, the deeper the line the more stubborn they are.

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