Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Face shape

One fast way to read the character of the person was through observing his or his face shape. There are 4 type of basic face shapes: rounded, squared, triangular and oblong face shape; in Chinese face reading, there could be divided into 5 types of face shape which using the 5 basic elements of i-ching: metal, water, wood, fire and earth; in further face reading, peoples face shape can even divide in to 10 standard face shapes.

In my research, I start to introduce few common face shapes which are easily recognized thru first and fast impressions.

Rounded face shape
Someone are caring, happy, having easy going personalities, friendly, helpful, suitable in-charge careers related to public relationships, teacher, social workers, comedian, and those jobs need to facing many peoples

People whom having rounded faces, usually felted themselves belonging to the publics, hence they could be not really that happy while they was stay at home for too long; since they belonging to the public, they marriage life might not that smooth.

People having rounded face shape, might be easily trusting other people, hence could be easily get hurt, anyway, their opened minded and happy mind character had help them overcome such unhappiness.

Square face shape
Energetic, practical, intelligent, high marks in their I.Q. test, well in mathematics. They always see things in a logical way; hence they could be much straighter forward. Suitable job: engineer, accountant, police, civil servant and etc.

Oblong face shape
Confident, subjective, methodical, liberal, could be a little bit arrogant sometimes; they would not like to chat about any unrelated topic which they do not like, sentimental type.
They are workaholic, always like to make sure they are having enough income to secure their financial status.

Triangular face shape (Inverted triangular)
Good memory, good intelligence, enthusiastic, idealistic, perfectionist. They always having many ideas in their mind but could be lack of energy to achieve it. Suitable jobs: planner, creative person in art and media, artist, writer and etc.

Peoples in triangular face shape, might not having a smooth marriage life due to their great imagination and their perfectionist minded, made them became extremely demanding; the more sharp of their jaw, the more extreme they are.


Laura said...

interesting blogs :)

Aaron said...

So very very cool. I think I have square face. Maybe triangle tho. I have very prominent eye browns.