Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wealth luck

People always like to ask about their wealth luck during the face reading session. Taking about wealth in face reading, the first thing should be the nose; not the whole nose but the tip of the nose and the nose holds. The tip of the nose represents age 48, for men, left side of the tip of the nose represents age 49, and then right side represented age 50.

Face reading always emphasized on the present and immediate luck; if you found that 1 or more nose hair grow out of your nose, you need to trim it as soon as possible, because it represented you will spend certain amount of money for unexpected expenditure very soon.

If you realized the tip of your nose having pimples, or turned to red color, same thing will be happened as mentioned above.

If you are someone always having pimples or red color on your nose, means your wealth luck was very weak or not smooth for the time being.

Meanwhile, people having good wealth luck, the usually having nice nose tip with noce skin texture.

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