Monday, June 30, 2008

A Reading for Children

When to hawker center bought the ‘wan than’ noodle Sunday morning, the noodle’s stall’s boss, as usually get her about 12 old daughter helping her to send the ordered table to the customer’s tables. While waiting the noodle hawker preparing the noodle for me, there’s a customer come and pay his noodle fees and complaint that the boss’s daughter forget to collect money from him. The noodle boss was slight angry and start to nagging with her daughter, and her daughter start to show unhappy face.

I observes this young child, found few points that shown she was a careless person, from face reading point, because she having a thick and untidy eye browns. People who having thick eye browns, represent they may not good in or did not like doing detail task.

She also having average high nose; a lady who having high nose, represent she was having her own thinking and also having high level of self esteem, hence could lead her to be stubborn.

Her protruded forehead, represented she is a slow mover (people who having a slant toward behind representing fast mover)

Plus her outward ears that represent stubborn as well and also playful characteristic, thought she was no choice that asked by her mother to help at the noodle stalls.

Theoretically, Chinese face reading method believes to read a children’s face destiny and character, should be start by his or her age from 15 (Chinese age 16 years old) because the body and the skeleton structure will be completed build at 15 years old. but technically, a child's rough characteristic still can be seen, just do not condemn he or she sure belonging to certain type of persons.

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what happens if a woman has a mole in the middle of her nose?